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Avoiding mistakes Selling a Business

Research has shown that many business owners fail to achieve the full or fair value of their businesses when trying to exit, simply through poor planning and preparation. It’s not your fault if you’re making some of these mistakes but hopefully, there’s still enough time to learn from the experience of others…… You’ve had enough…

Business Valuations using Price/Earnings (P/E) Ratios

Multiples of net earnings or P/E ratios are used to value companies with an established profitable history. The Price/Earnings (P/E) Ratio represents the value of the business divided by its post tax profits. For example, if a company was making post-tax profits of £200,000 and you were offered £1,000,000 for it, that would equate to a…

Business Valuations for Minority Shareholders in SME’s

A minority interest is where a shareholder’s interest within a private company is such that it does not provide the shareholder with any actual control over the company.  A shareholding of less than 50% of the total issued share capital, is regarded as a minority interest. Request A Valuation Report In a situation where a…

R & D Tax Claims, buying or selling a business

Don’t miss out on R & D Tax Claims….. With only around 13k SME businesses making a claim each year, many business owners are missing out on tax relief for their Research and Development costs. Typically these are R & D costs incurred over the last two years of trading by Engineering and Manufacturing companies…

Embedded Capital Allowances

Many business owners are not aware that there are tax allowances due on items “embedded” within their properties but only if a claim is submitted in a format recognized and accepted by HM Revenue & Customs. The allowances are known as “Embedded Capital Allowances” and can be claimed any time by a business property owner….

Why 2015 will be the right time to sell a business……..

Why 2015 will be the right time to sell a business…….. We have found that many business owners have been been thinking about selling their businesses, wondering  if now is the best time. Most have been analysing the economic situation (wishing they had the benefit of hindsight for previous missed opportunities). Here are six reasons…

Business Valuations using EBITDA

The term EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation & Amortisation) was introduced in the USA 30 years ago as a practical measure of the financial performance of a business, which can then be compared with other similar businesses, whilst excluding the effects of corporate taxation, capital spending and financing working capital, which can be different…

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How to achieve a successful acquisition

Stirling features in Daily Telegraph!

Our advert on Exit Strategies, features in the Daily Telegraph today:-