All businesses are unique in their own way, both in size, type, product ranges, services and value. Some business owners are experienced and confident enough to handle their own enquiries from potential buyers, whilst others prefer help and guidance right through the selling process, from Offer to Completion, allowing the business owner to remain focussed on running the business.

Our service covers three broad categories from a Free Listing Agreement, to the SME and Corporate Agreements, as outlined below:

How will Stirling sell your business?

Free Listing Agreement

Through this Agreement, you can gain access to thousands of other business owners, buyers and investors through our huge data base and marketing platform, which encompasses email marketing and social media including Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In. Results are normally achieved fast, compared to traditional (and more expensive) forms of marketing through newspapers and magazines, depending on industry sector. Once potential buyers have agreed to a non-disclosure agreement (known as an “NDA”) the enquiry is then passed over to the business owner (Vendor) to deal with. Suitable for businesses with over £100k Nett Asset Value and/or £300k turnover. There are no “up-front fees” on this Agreement.

SME Agreement

The main difference here is that an Information Memorandum document (often referred to as an “IM”) will be prepared on your behalf, including all enquiries. The IM will be carefully structured so that the buyer can understand in more detail, what is actually being sold. Detail will include items such as the background to the business, key financial figures, location & property, sales & marketing, management structure, USP’s, share structure, together with an indication on the future development potential. Although there is an initial retainer amount, all the enquiries will be handled on your behalf, where the Purchaser will be provided with a copy of the IM, followed up with copies of Statutory & Management Accounts, (as necessary) and initial meetings organised for the Vendor and Purchaser. Assistance will also be given to help assist in obtaining indicative offers and help create a competitive environment, which will help drive up the business value.

Corporate Agreement 

A comprehensive service including the production of an IM. This is a significant step further than the SME Agreement, where the service will include telephone marketing (up to 1,000 prospecting calls) against a much wider international data-base, which is used to identify several hundred possible targets (500+) in order to achieve up to 50 potential acquirers, which will then lead to a short-list of serious buyers. The objective will be to attract at least 6 potential buyers, all with the capability of buying your business at the recognised value. The service includes regular update reports on prospecting, together with the provision of help to organise and chair each negotiating session.

How do I start the process of selling my business?

To start the process of selling your business, we’ll provide you with a free Guide to selling a business and depending on circumstances, offer a free, no obligation business appraisal or discussion. You can get started now, by simply completing form below: