Stirling works with an independent Finance Brokerage firm which specialises in raising finance for Small to Medium sized businesses (SME’s), including deal structure advice for all parties, where Mergers & Acquisitions are concerned.

The brokerage firm provides fully independent and impartial advice about asset backed business finance. This means that you will receive help and advice about how to best borrow money against assets. There is no tie to any particular lender and no preference for what type of finance product a business might use. You will simply receive advice about the options available to you in the business finance market.

The advice provided will list all the available options to you, how they might assist your business, what they will cost and what operation requirements exist. The aim is to let you make an informed decision and to fully understand that one of your choices is to do nothing. On this basis there is no “hard sell” approach. Only you, as the business owner or director can decide what is best for your business but we’re here to help.

Our business finance broker, specialises in the following areas:-

  • Mergers and Acquisition’s Finance and Deal Structure advice for all parties
  • Turnaround Finance for Distressed Businesses
  • Quick Cash for Growth or Working Capital – usually within 10 days (subject to certain criteria)
  • Invoice Discounting & Factoring
  • Asset Finance & Re-Finance
  • Credit Insurance
  • Business Financial Review

Our independent business Finance Broker will help you through all the options available. Simply complete the form below…..