Are you ready to sell your business? If not, Stirling offers an extremely valuable service for business owners who feel that they are not quite ready to sell their business with the Prepare To Sell Scheme”. This innovative scheme provides genuine “hands-on” help, advice and assistance to ensure that the business owner follows through a clear strategy and action plans in order to achieve a more profitable, valuable and saleable business for when the time comes to sell. 

By working “in the business” alongside the owner, the “Prepare To Sell Scheme” will help tackle all the things that make businesses unattractive to buyers or that lead to lower offers, whilst identifying and developing all the USP’s which will add value. 

The “Prepare To Sell Scheme” has a proven and broad experience of diverse SME businesses running across Manufacturing, IT/Telecoms, Social Media, Retail and Services, UK wide. 

Working flexibly on a day rate only this preparation service is very affordable and can make a huge difference to the sale value of the business, whilst making an acceptable deal to both the buyer and seller, much more likely.

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