Want to buy a business but not sure where to start?

Need the finance to buy a business but not sure where to look? 

Stirling partners with a specialist Broker that can help you (the Buyer) put up substantial sums of money, without saddling you with huge debt. 

Whatever type of business you would like to buy, we can help source the business that you want and help source the finance, so long as the business is UK based and that the Turnover and/or Value is between £1m & £10m.

We have access to hundreds of businesses ready to be purchased off-market, in a variety of industry sectors.

Sounds too good to be true? Not really, through our contacts, we have the businesses available along with finance from The City to help you achieve a business acquisition and become a business owner without risking your house and contents!

This is a unique and specialist service, so for further information, simply complete the form below: