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Is Now the Time To Sell Your Business?

Have you been thinking about selling your business but just can’t decide if now is the best time? Do you find yourself repeatedly analysing the economic situation and wishing you had a crystal ball? There are positive signs and there are negative signs.

New FREE GUIDE to buying a business……

Renowned expert on buying businesses, Richard Parker, has offered to share with you his free guide report “The 10 secrets a seller will never tell you”.  Normally this report is reserved for his mailing list, but he has given it to us to distribute to you with no strings attached.

Tax on selling a business?

The sale of a business will hopefully give rise to a chargeable gain.  Chargeable gains are usually subject to tax at either 18% or 28%, which is a significant proportion the sale proceeds.  Worse, without due care in structuring they may be charged to tax as income at current top rates of 52% (or effective…