Kingmaker Engineering Ltd has just announced the acquisition of a precision engineering business and an electro-plating business with a combined turnover of over £3.5m, thanks to the marketing efforts of Stirling Business Solutions Ltd. 

The two companies acquired were Rowes Precision Products Ltd of Ilkeston and Plating Technologies Ltd of Leicester, which will be jointly managed by Nigel Cowdery and Lance Walker, Directors of Kingmaker Engineering.

The Company has an acquisition strategy to form a group of related engineering businesses over the next five years and have been dealing with Stirling who are well connected with owners of engineering and manufacturing businesses throughout the UK.

Nigel Cowdery explained that the acquisition strategy has been formed as a result of greater reshoring opportunities within the engineering and manufacturing sectors, to help improve supply chains, following Brexit and a general rundown since the 1980’s.

Nigel stated that “Roger Smith of Stirling has been particularly helpful to us, who is well connected on the both the buy and sell side within the industry”. Nigel also stated that as far as acquisitions are concerned, they have access to their own investment funds, in addition to their own expertise in restructuring debts with finance houses, should the need arise. 

Anyone interested in buying or selling a business within the Engineering and Manufacturing sectors can contact Stirling on 0121-314 5575 or visit