Many business owners will only find themselves selling a business once in a lifetime. With the lack of previous experience it can be a difficult, complicated and stressful process. It can also be easy to miss opportunities in taxation, pensions and other areas of financial planning.

The actual process of selling a business requires careful consideration with special attention to marketing and presenting the Company correctly to ensure that the message reaches as many potential buyers as possible. The price and terms for the business sale need to be skilfully negotiated, whilst trying to keep options open with other potential buyers for as long as possible, should the deal fall through.

To help business owners understand the process and issues involved with selling a business, Stirling provides a FREE “Guide to selling your business successfully”. The guide provides important information to sell a business successfully, including:-

  • What you need to have in place, before selling
  • Business planning & exit strategies
  • How your business might be valued
  • Six types of exit routes
  • The pros and cons of two different types of sale
  • Two different but popular ways to structure a deal
  • The process of selling a business
  • Maximising business value – what you need to do!
  • The use of business transfer specialists 

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