Looking to increase the value of your business either before or for when the time comes to sell?

Although there are just two main ways to grow a business, there are many different strategies that can be implemented in order to achieve real growth and value. There are even opportunities to increase value at the time of selling.

Your FREE Guide to Maximising Business Value, is where we simply focus on relevant and proven ideas when planning for a more saleable business with a higher value.

“This is a very practical and invaluable guide on how to maximize the value you receive for your business. Roger Smith has captured the key essential points for business owners to focus on in order to obtain the best price for their business. You only sell your business once and so you need to plan for it properly for a successful sale. This guide will help you achieve this and I will certainly be recommending it to our clients.”  Neil Phillips, Director – Phillips Chartered Accountants

“Stirling has produced a practical, common sense guide which advises those selling a business, often for the first time, on how to avoid the many pitfalls typically faced. Much has been written about selling the larger corporation (e.g. Finish Big: Bo Burlingham),  but this paper gives a unique checklist for those in the SME space. Arrivista as a coaching firm helps companies get themselves in the right shape for sale – this guide neatly complements much of what we espouse”.  Simon Williams, Director – Arrivista Ltd 

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