Stirling has just launched a new Business Appraisal Service for buyers who are considering the purchase of a business.  The purpose of the business appraisal is to provide peace of mind to confirm whether or not an investment will be worthwhile.  A typical appraisal will review the strategic and operational aspects of the business where key opportunities and threats can be identified.  We would then establish how well the business is run and develop a list of actions that a new buyer might want to implement in the light of the findings.  An appraisal can also cover an analysis of the market, together with a competitor intensity analysis.  Growth opportunities through new markets or new products of services can be identified and linked to the future likely investment requirements, based on a review of the business assets and cost of any potential growth opportunities.

Stirling combine all of the findings into a report which would reviewed with you, prior to the report being finalised.

For further information please call 0121-314 5575 or contact us.