Stirling are pleased to announce that we are now an official charity partner of the Birmingham based charity Cure Leukaemia.

Founded in 2003 by Professor Charlie Craddock, Cure Leukaemia helps to bring pioneering drug and transplant treatments to blood cancer patients throughout the West Midlands. The charity helps finance the world class Centre for Clinical Haematology at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, to fund life-saving clinical trials to treat terminally ill leukaemia patients. To date, Cure Leukaemia has helped to treat over 4,000 patients by leveraging over £23 million worth of revolutionary drugs and funding crucial research nurses to administer these trials.

Without the expert research nurses to ensure patients are constantly monitored and cared for; these trials would not run. The aim of Cure Leukaemia is to raise money to fund more research nurses at centres across the Midlands and provide world-class treatment for its patients. Only by funding more nurses in more hospitals, can more leukaemia patients benefit from access to potentially life-saving treatment.

Anyone can develop leukaemia at any age. Although it is more common in adults, leukaemia is the most common form of childhood cancer, with most children diagnosed under the age of five.

In 2005, Cure Leukaemia helped secure a grant for £2.2m to build the Centre for Clinical Haematology in Birmingham and this has resulted in the development of the second largest adult stem cell transplant programme in the UK, which has since been hailed as an international centre of excellence in haemato-oncology.

From personal experience, we feel that this is a worthwhile cause, especially as the wife of one of our Directors was recently cured of this terrible disease. We will be supporting a number of fun events during the year, to help raise money for this very worthwhile cause.

Further information on Cure Leukaemia can be found through their website if you CLICK HERE or by watching a video featuring the charity’s long-standing supporter Adrian Chiles HERE.

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