We are very pleased to announce the sale of one of our manufacturing businesses for sale. The business was marketed for 8 months culminating in two alternative and potentially acceptable deals being received, both within the same week!

The chosen acquirer was UK based with the ability to fund 70% of the consideration payable on legal completion.

The balance will be paid over a two-year period payable in quarterly instalments, including a rental agreement for the property, together with an option to buy within the two-year period.

The consideration will allow our client – the owner of the business, to take surplus cash out of the business, tax efficiently and provide a consultancy agreement for a hand-over period over nine weeks.

The deal will be subject to the usual due diligence work and warranties for this type of business and is expected to complete within 10 months of taking the initial instructions for placing the business up for sale.

Should you be interested in selling a business, please call us on 0121-314 5575 or complete the form below: