Owner Operated Business Wanted – (Ref: RSS/WVDB)

Private owner operated B to B business wanted in England, preferably within a two hour commute of London. The business must be able to demonstrate consistent profitability with a five year plus trading history, active in one of the following sectors:

  • Niche Manufacturing
  • Low Carbon Energy
  • Water & Sustainability

Turnover must be between £3m to £10m and EBITDA between £500k & £1.5m

Buyer is a family-run operation with the skill sets, determination and energy to continue the success and legacy of the company to be acquired. Proof of funds available, including additional funding sources, should the need for additional capital arise.

Will act quickly with legal completion desired during 2024.

Reference No: RSS/WVDB

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Yes, I may have a business to interest this buyer – please contact me!