".......a successful sale was completed at an acceptable price....." Alan Hopkins “......an efficient, tailor-made service.....to the eventual sale of my engineering company.”  Nick Hewinson “Many thanks for all your help in compiling our valuation......"  Martin Spanyol “What I liked about working with Stirling, is that we didn’t get ripped off with fees and false promises.....”  Steve Marsh “..... there was a sufficient number of interested parties and a deal was completed within our agreed time-scale.” L Peters “.....has the contacts to get the deal done.”  Sachin Pattni “......a buyer was found after only a few months......” J Patrick “Through Stirling, I managed the sale of my business quickly.....”  Alan Harper “Unlike other brokers, Stirling generated enquiries, gave me very sound advice on how to get the best buyer for my business, kept in touch to see how things were progressing,and managed to get things done.”  Dave Graham ".....I found this broker to be different to all others.  Stirling responded immediately to all requests for information and created dialogue between parties....."  Robert Simmons        

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Investment Opportunities

Please select a business by clicking on its heading:

Should you have an investment opportunity to promote, please contact us on 0121-314 5575 to find out how we can find you a suitable investor.

Investment Opportunity: Marine Exploration & Mapping business – (Ref. 1214)

Marine Exploration & Mapping – A unique and most rare investment opportunity. The Company Since incorporation circa 6 years ago, this marine vessel design and manufacturing company and its key product have been involved in progressive and intensive research & development, during which time there has been significant high profile media attention, leading to early  Continue Reading »

Automotive Accident Repair Business for sale – (Ref. 2000)

A well established and highly regarded regional automotive repair company for sale, working on behalf of selected insurance companies through Service Level Agreements, as well as a significant proportion of private clients. The business is fully equipped to meet manufacturers’ standards and quality controls, subject to frequent audits by vehicle manufacturers and BSI etc. With  Continue Reading »

Online Coaching Business for sale – (Ref. 2037)

This is a growing, cash generative online coaching platform, seeking a purchaser with the desire to build upon the success of a thriving business. Benefiting from proprietary software and a client interface which is accessible and easy to use, the company has established a solid reputation, deriving new business from referrals from existing users. The  Continue Reading »

Profitable Ladies Fashion Clothing Business for sale – (Ref 1351)

A very well established and profitable ladies fashion business for sale.  The business operates with an international presence and includes a respected brand name, with four high class (Leasehold) retail outlets specialising in bridal, special occasion and casual wear for ladies, covering sizes 6 to 50. A highly developed web site for on-line sales is  Continue Reading »

Prominent Provider of Energy & Water Saving Solutions Business for sale – (Ref. 2053)

A prominent and well-established provider of energy and water saving solutions business for sale. With a reputation for innovation through a suite of products and systems, this growing Company has consistently achieved high profit margins in excess of 45%. Catering for a range of customers across the UK and Europe, the Company’s products are sustainable  Continue Reading »

CNC Precision Engineering Business for sale – (Ref. 1208)

A well established and successful precision engineering business for sale, with high end, state of the art, fully automated CNC machinery for component manufacture.  The business has a high level of repeat business from world class, blue chip OEM customer base as a Tier 1 supplier with an excellent record of customer retention of 15  Continue Reading »

IT Reseller & Managed Services Business for sale – (Ref. 1207)

A significant and rapidly growing UK based provider of specialist Data Security IT hardware, software and project implementation & managed services to large corporate entities and major financial institutions. This business has traded successfully since 2005 and benefits from long term contracts and robust client relationships with 100% client retention. Turnover: Circa £14m, (forecast Circa  Continue Reading »

Highly profitable precision engineering business for sale – (Ref. 1206)

An excellent opportunity to acquire a highly profitable, cash generative, precision engineering business for sale. The business specialises in fast-track specialist engineering projects associated with Formula 1, Aerospace and Medical industries, utilising a range of state of the art CNC and conventional machinery. The company acts as a Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to  Continue Reading »

Investment opportunity for Government backed National start-up scheme for graduate enterprises – (Ref. 1203)

Investment opportunity with a business start-up enterprise, whose mission is to improve the UK economy and tackle youth unemployment figures head on; a major priority of UK Government. The company aims to do this by supporting and funding at least 1,000 new business start-ups over the next 3 years. The aim is to entrench entrepreneurialism  Continue Reading »

Investment Opportunity for High-End Beverage Distribution Business – (Ref. 1202)

An investment opportunity for a distribution business operating with a consolidated supply chain for artisan independent beverage producers. The business deals with a number of high-end boutiques & hotels nationwide to supply high-quality beverages from within their portfolio, which encompasses champagne, sparkling wine, spirits and authentic beer. *  An initial investment of £550,000 is being  Continue Reading »

Highly successful Precision Engineering Business for sale – (Ref. 1201)

A very well-respected and highly successful engineering business for sale, involved in the supply of precision engineered components for a cross-section of industries. The business specialises in high-tech engineering projects, including the prototyping, machining, batch or mass production of component parts to customer specifications, utilising CNC machinery. The business acts as a Tier 1 supplier  Continue Reading »

Specialist Flooring Business for sale – (Ref. 1199)

Long established, highly profitable, specialist supplier for flooring products for sale.  The business supplies carpet, lino, mattings,rugs, rubber, underlay adhesive, tape, carpet accessories, door mats and rug grip, together with a whipping service and rugs to measure. Services and products are provided ostensibly for film sets, TV & advertising companies as well as the general public. Products are  Continue Reading »

Investment Account Opportunity for Business Owners – (Ref. 1198)

Quite simply, this is an Investment Account suitable for business owners. An investment opportunity for business owners and investors who are looking to grow their capital – no lock in period, no entry/exit charges – an investment account, fully managed by a professional team of traders targeting 15%+ returns per annum. As an alternative to  Continue Reading »

Successful On-Line Mail Order Business for sale – (Ref 1196)

A highly successful on-line, multi channel mail order business for sale, operating with low overheads, good profit margins, positive cash-flow and potential for future growth and development. The business is primarily responsible for the supply of jewellery/gift boxes, displayed and jewellery making items. Products are supplied throughout the UK, Ireland and Worldwide and the business  Continue Reading »

Investment Opportunity in Medical Manufacturing Business – (Ref. 1195)

Medical Manufacturing Business seeking a £500k equity injection to finance business development. Future prospects are based on an innovative and highly effective anti-bacterial/anti-pathogen compound which is used to coat disposable curtains sold to hospitals. Selling across a licensing compound for other uses. This product is a breakthrough in disposable curtains. Founded in October 2004 with just £1,8k the plant currently owned by  Continue Reading »

Investment Opportunity for Innovative E-learning HR Solution – (Ref. 1194)

A new and innovative e-learning HR solution that addresses issues impacting every organisation.  This offers interactive learning modules that equip employees with skills to deal with workplace tension. This is a highly scalable, cash generative business that solves fundamental issues in the workplace. The business is already revenue generating, catering to both the private and public sector, with blue chip  Continue Reading »

Investment Opportunity in Music Messaging App – (Ref. 1193)

A London-based Music Messaging app that enables people to find music on-line and send to friends with just one tap.  Messaging apps like Snapchat, Whatsapp and Viber are attracting millions of young users because they offer a faster, simpler and more private way to communicate. They offer photo, video and text messaging but there is  Continue Reading »

Florida USA Holiday Home Investment Opportunity (with a guaranteed income) – (Ref. 1191)

An opportunity to own your own holiday home in Florida, USA with a wide selection of Freehold properties available, ranging from 2 to 3 bedroom apartments to 6 to 8 bedroom houses, properties from £80k upwards. This tightly regulated investment scheme allows you to purchase a Freehold property as a holiday home which is rented  Continue Reading »

Live and work in the USA with a Business Investment Opportunity – (Ref. 1190)

A unique business investment opportunity entitling you to live and work in the USA. For a minimum investment of $500k you will be entitled to a sought after “Green Card” Visa where you will be entitled to live and work (including setting up your own business) anywhere within the USA. The investment money will be  Continue Reading »

Investment Opportunity for New Brand in World Beer Sector – (Ref. 2056)

An opportunity to take  a significant share of a new “World Beer” brand offering global market potential within a growing market. The product is a premium lager beer in glass, PET and one-way kegs, developed by our contact’s client company, which owns the IP. Its CEO is vastly expereinced in this sector and is a  Continue Reading »

Investment Opportunity for Business Development Company – (Ref. 1185)

A newly formed SEIS-efficient private company that helps support and fund university students in Higher Education. Through the championing of enterprise and entrepreneurship, the company provides a Government backed financing solution, Mentoring Programme and a National televised enterprise Awards scheme. In what is a growing market, the company aims to help identify and support the future  Continue Reading »

Investment & Management Business for British Luxury Products (Investment Opportunity) – (Ref. 1182)

An investment and management company created specifically to exploit the global opportunity for British luxury companies within a growing international luxury market. The global luxury market is currently worth £127 billion, and the latest industry forecasts predict it to continue growing 50 per cent faster than global GDP. This industry is largely made up of  Continue Reading »

Leading Energy Accreditation Provider – (Ref. 2032)

A leading Energy Accreditation Provider seeks an equity investment stake of £150k to accelerate further growth. This company benefits from over two decades of expertise and experience, providing Energy Performance Accreditation, software solutions and training for the expanding Energy Accreditation and Performance market. As an approved accreditation company, the business also provides training courses for  Continue Reading »

Commercial heating and maintenance business for sale – (Ref. 1180)

An excellent opportunity to acquire a well established, highly profitable, boiler heating and maintenance business for sale, dealing with an extremely valuable and sought after blue chip customer base. The business has been successfully trading for over 30 years and benefits from a highly qualified, self motivated team of engineers, where the business has developed  Continue Reading »

High Precision Engineering Business for sale – (Ref. 1179)

An established high precision engineering company for sale, which has heavily invested in a comprehensive range of new CNC equipment, capable of high-precision machining of almost any metal or plastic. Products are manufactured or machined to exceptionally high quality standards, mainly for use as high-pressure valves used in the petro-chemical sector. The business has built  Continue Reading »

Investment Opportunity for Web & App Based Entertainment Company – (Ref. 2034)

An exciting investment opportunity, based on audition based entertainment with a unique mobile application and web site. Based on a unique, fully automated social media and cinema content driven platform, consumers will be able to upload video content for submission to an on-line voting audience. The platform has been developed in-house with full IP ownership.  Continue Reading »

Bio Diesel Plant Business for sale – (Ref 1160)

An opportunity to own a self-contained bio diesel plant business occupying minimal space (lorry container sized).  The equipment will provide you with the ability to convert used/waste oil into quality bio diesel at approx. £0.75p per litre to sell at £1.10 per litre.  Production can be up to 4,000 litres per week, producing a profit  Continue Reading »

Business for unique branded products for sale – (Ref 1156)

An exciting opportunity to purchase the Assets, Name and Goodwill of a well established business concept for highly engineered, innovative computer mouse products.  Assets include stock, brands, customer contracts, contacts etc.  This business will provide a valuable entrée into the airline in-flight retail market where additional products could be launched through this channel.  The average  Continue Reading »