If you are likely to be selling your business, it is important to understand that all the legal documentation needs to be up to date and in place.

If not, the sale of your business could easily become protracted or worse still, fall through if the legal aspects are not adequately covered. Fortunately, Stirling work with Solicitors who can provide a company Health Check in the West Midlands area, free of charge, whatever size of business.

Whether or not you are selling your business, the company Health Check will systematically work through your business, covering important legal issues such as:-

  • Are copies of all the business leases available with any renewals due for review?
  • Are all contracts of employment in place and providing an appropriate level of protection for both the business and employees?
  • What legal safeguards are in place to prevent your business ideas being passed on?
  • Are suitable service agreements in place for senior managers and Directors?
  • Are your terms of sale in place, up to date, relevant and enforceable?
  • Are your terms of purchase in place and enforceable?
  • To what extent are your products and services legally protected?
  • Are your IP rights fully protected?

Businesses are easier to sell if the documentation is easily to hand with all the legal aspects up to date. A free health check will at least highlight any areas for action before the process of selling a business gets under way, which will lead to a smoother transition. And if you are not selling, you will understand the extent of your legal protection, with recommendations to gain a greater peace of mind.

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