Developing UK Exit Strategies with Stirling Business Solutions

Many businesses are sold every year but unfortunately, many deals (as many as 2 out of 3) do not reach legal completion, much to the frustration of both buyers and sellers. If you are thinking about selling your UK business it is vital that the sale is “planned” as part of developing an “exit strategy” to ensure that you stand the best chance of a successful sale.

Once you have decided on selling a business, this should form part of the owner’s “Grand Strategy” within the business plan, working to a preferred timescale, usually 2 to 3 years. During this time, sales and profits should be maximised (or at least demonstrated) in order to achieve the best possible valuation. As part of the exit strategy, it will be important to make sure that the Statutory Accounts and Management Accounts are right up to date, that legal issues (such as employee Contracts of Employment are in place), that any environmental issues are dealt with, disputes settled and so on. It will also make sense to take tax advice, as this could even affect the type of sale required, in order to be tax efficient.

Stirling are business transfer agents and will help you in developing an exit strategy and planning the best strategy for selling a UK business from start to finish. An initial meeting or discussion is completely free, without obligation and in complete confidence. We can even provide FREE seminars to explain the selling process and to outline the issues that need to be addressed to ensure best chance of a successful sale. To arrange a meeting or for more information on exit strategies, please complete the form below then click the “Submit” button. (Alternatively, please ask for Roger Smith on Tel: 0121 314 5575).

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Exit Strategies

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