Solid Growing Companies Wanted with Turnover: £15m to £140m – (Ref. RSS/VK)

Diversified Holding Company (with investment portfolio spanning 4 continents with interests in media, fashion, real estate development, private equity and commodities trading), wishes to acquire solid growing Companies. Any Company or sector considered with Turnover between £15m and £140m and EBITDA of 5% plus, preferably with strong management team, predictable cash-flows and long term contracts.

Typical deals will include a purchase price with 4 to 5 times EBITDA. 100% Share Purchase preferred but open to majority shareholding of 51% or more. IPO process finance also available to maximise shareholder value.

Purchaser is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs by providing knowledge, skills, contact and capital base to support their listing and growth aspirations. Operates with global networks, which consists of working with various advisors, Merchant & Investment banks, Investor Relations specialists, brokers, successful entrepreneurs and co-investors, help achieve maximum shareholder value through their listing road map.

Yes, I may have a business to interest this buyer – please contact me!