Chemical Manufacturing Businesses Wanted – (Ref. RSS/LR)

A team of experienced individuals are actively looking to acquire SME businesses involved within the Chemical Manufacturing Supply Chain.

Their main focus is on the fine chemical, pharmaceutical and agrochemical segments, as well as chemical custom manufacturing operations (CMOs) & custom development and manufacturing operations (CDMOs). However, they will look at businesses that are operating anywhere in the supply chain and associated with basic inorganic, polymers, specialities and consumer chemicals. Preferably with the potential to produce products that can realise long term profitability, ideally with the potential to expand their customer base internationally and across a global marketplace. Owner managed by individuals looking for an exit strategy or other companies looking to divest their assets, businesses that have reached maturity with the current management structure and working practices. Must have been profitable prior to Covid-19.

Turnover: £1m to £15m, EBITDA: c. 10% minimum

Location: UK and Europe.

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