Stirling is a trusted business transfer specialist and broker, helping to make life easier for when the time comes to buy or sell a business.

15 reasons why you should consider Stirling to sell your business………

  • Stirling provides you with important but free information and advice on selling businesses. Click here for our FREE GUIDE to selling businesses successfully.
  • Should you wish to maximise the value of your business or you are ready to sell a business, our first appraisal meeting is FREE, without obligation.
  • Stirling can provide independent business valuation reports so you will get a realistic value for your business and therefore, no false hopes or expectations.  Our valuation reports can be used to substantiate the asking price when negotiating with a buyer so you remain in a stronger negotiating position.  Click here for more information on business valuations.
  • The person you meet will be the person you will be dealing with – we don’t send someone out just to sign you up!
  • You can choose one of three main options to sell a business which provides you with flexibility depending on your budget and expectations. These range from simply marketing your business for sale and passing enquires over to the business owner to deal with, to reviewing your personal goals and expectations, targeting 40 strategic buyers, making 1,000 prospecting calls, organising and chairing each negotiating session and providing help & guidance from Offer to Completion.
  • We will guarantee that you will receive enquires from potential buyers, at least within 3 months or your money back if you have paid any initial fees (subject to our Agreement) – so you may be paying for a service but you get guaranteed results!
  • You just don’t deal with a broker working from 9am to 5pm – we handle enquiries in the evenings and at weekends too, so you know that your interests with potential buyers are being looked after.
  • You get access to a huge data base of business owners, investors and potential buyers, which is constantly being added to. As a result, we normally achieve immediate responses for new businesses for sale, so you don’t have to wait for months to receive any interest.  To keep up to date with new businesses for sale or businesses wanted, click here.
  • Our terms of business are fair and easy to understand – we don’t have lots of small print to try and catch you out!
  • Stirling provides a well structured Sale Memorandum document so that buyers can easily understand what is being sold – this saves time wasting with unnecessary meetings.
  • Stirling is a GTMA approved supplier which provides us with even greater access to owners of manufacturing and engineering businesses that may wish to achieve growth through acquisition.
  • The sale of your business is handled confidentially and Non-Disclosure Agreements can be handled on-line saving time with your potential buyers.
  • You have the option to approve interested parties – you do not have to provide information to predatory buyers from your competitors.
  • Progress meetings can be arranged with Stirling so you can see how many prospective buyers are in place and you can  agree plans to target other potential buyers.
  • You are offered hands-on help with managing the sale of your business in handling paperwork (subject to terms and conditions), saving you valuable time if you need your time spent elsewhere.

 How do I start the process of selling my business?

 To start the process of selling your business, simply complete the form below:-

For further information please contact us or phone us in confidence 021-314 5575

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