Stirling’s Advisory Service

Helping business owners achieve maximum value

Stirling’s Advisory Service offers several cost effective business support schemes that will prepare your business for sale, aiming to strengthen overall performance, (whether or not you wish to sell). By increasing the performance of your business, you increase the potential of the business to become more saleable and higher in value, for when the time comes to sell.


Business Coaching, Training and Mentoring

Business Owners can be provided with all the necessary skills to develop a business, including financial, sales and marketing, team building and time mastery.  As a business owner, you can realise the potential of your business by providing you with the knowledge, tools, vision and motivation to make your business more attractive to potential buyers.

Business Recovery and Transformation

This is a hands-on approach, where help is provided to the business owner to prepare short and medium term plans to transform the business and increase the bottom line prior to selling.  Strategies can be reviewed, developed and implemented that cover the product ranges, sales, marketing and other operations.  The objective will be not just to advise, but to put ideas into action.

Business Planning and Exit Strategies

Ideally, any future business sale should form part of the owner’s long term strategy, rather than a ‘quick sale’ decision, made without due consideration to the relevant planning processes. There is little point in finding potential buyers if the business owner cannot demonstrate the true level of profitability.

Historic accounts are generally structured to reduce tax. However, this can adversely impact the true underlying profitability and could therefore, reduce the ultimate purchase price. Re-presentation of accounts and justified business projections will show the business in a positive light.

A “planned approach” is needed to cover issues which may involve contracts of employment, lease or rental agreements, statutory & management accounts, tax planning etc. Stirling have an “Exit Strategy Questionnaire” that shows many of the considerations required before exiting a business.

Selling a Business

With a substantial network of potential buyers, investors, agents and other professional people, Stirling’s cost effective and confidential service is aimed at finding serious business buyers. We prepare the sale memorandum document, process confidentiality agreements, maintain and update enquiries on our database, facilitate negotiations through a cost effective fee structure, using easy-to-understand terms and conditions.

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