".......a successful sale was completed at an acceptable price....." Alan Hopkins “......an efficient, tailor-made service.....to the eventual sale of my engineering company.”  Nick Hewinson “Many thanks for all your help in compiling our valuation......"  Martin Spanyol “What I liked about working with Stirling, is that we didn’t get ripped off with fees and false promises.....”  Steve Marsh “..... there was a sufficient number of interested parties and a deal was completed within our agreed time-scale.” L Peters “.....has the contacts to get the deal done.”  Sachin Pattni “......a buyer was found after only a few months......” J Patrick “Through Stirling, I managed the sale of my business quickly.....”  Alan Harper “Unlike other brokers, Stirling generated enquiries, gave me very sound advice on how to get the best buyer for my business, kept in touch to see how things were progressing,and managed to get things done.”  Dave Graham ".....I found this broker to be different to all others.  Stirling responded immediately to all requests for information and created dialogue between parties....."  Robert Simmons        


Do you know someone who wants to sell a business?

A simple way to earn some money!

When it comes to selling a business, Stirling offers realistic, independent business valuations, provides a choice of service levels to suit individual business owners and can guarantee at least 6 potential buyers within 3 months (subject to Terms), so that business owners can obtain results fast. In addition, Stirling has fair and easy to understand Terms & Conditions and business owners are provided with a confidential and highly personal level of service.

We really value recommendations and will pay £100.00 to an “Introducer” who refers a business owner (Vendor) to Stirling, subject to an Agreement where the Vendor agrees to use Stirling’s services to find a buyer for their business. We will also pay the Introducer 5% of any fees received by Stirling in the event of a business sale. Subject to Terms. To find out more, please click our download the Referral Agreement Form here.