Are you looking for a Business Broker based in Shropshire (in the West Midlands) but with national UK coverage?, someone with real experience in the buying and selling of a whole range of businesses and companies? Just as it is with businesses, Business Brokers are all different, so why should you choose Stirling Business Transfer Agents?

There is only one reason, and that quite simply is that you can expect first class business advice and the highest level of customer care. Stirling Business Brokers will ensure that whether buying a business or selling a business that you get the very best information and advice. We ensure that all the right question are asked and that we have the answer for any that might be asked of us. Of course each business is worth what someone would pay for it, however this could vary depending on the circumstances of the would be purchaser and the seller. The trick of selling a business is to bring together a seller and a purchaser with the least possible effort by either party.

That is where Stirling comes in, you see as a Business Broker, we can:-

  • Act confidentially for both buyer and seller.
  • Save you hours of time, as Business Brokers we deal with the prospective buyer / seller and as much of the paper work as we can.
  • Make sure that you get the very best advice, and because we know the system of buying and selling businesses (after all we deal with it every day) make sure that you don’t fall foul of any pitfalls.

All of which means that you can deal with other issues (if you are selling it means you can concentrate on running your business, and if you’re buying it means you can get on with the other things in your life).

Business transfer agents really do make all the difference, whether buying or selling let Stirling take the strain out of the process. Remember, we can:-

  • Find a business of the type you are looking for
  • Make sure the business is valued correctly
  • Obtain the detailed information necessary for you to decide is the business is really for you, and that will cover all the legal areas (for your solicitor to deal with)
  • Make sure you are aware of all the tax issues and that you are aware of the need to discuss matters with both legal and accountancy professionals.

Stirling Business Brokers based in Shropshire (Midlands UK) and covering the nation.